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Rzecznictwo ustawodawcze

Pomagamy informować członków naszej społeczności o oczekujących aktach prawnych, współpracujemy z ustawodawcami nad nowymi ustawami, zeznajemy i zapewniamy szkolenia dla interesariuszy. Przewiń w dół, aby zobaczyć aktualne Aktualizacje Legislacyjne według tematu.

2019 Informacje kontaktowe dla prawodawców z Southwest CT


Catchment Area Council (CAC)
Regional Legislative Work Group

In anticipation for each year's legislative session, The Hub hosts a regional Legislative Forum event to inform and educate state legislators on our priority topics. This work group discusses regional strengths, gaps, issues and YOUR experiences for legislative and advocacy efforts throughout the year. No previous experience or professional background is needed to get involved! We are here to support all and amplify voices. 

We are also guided by the Connecticut Prevention Network  and The Hub's Priority Report. 

If you are interested in joining this work group, please contact Kaitlin Comet at 

Visit the Catchment Area Council page to view our 2022 Legislative Forum recording & materials

The Hub
Catchment Area Coun
cil (CAC)
2023 Regional Legislative Forum

The Hub's visit to the State Capitol and Legislative Office Building


Advocacy & Legislative Resources

What are the issues and how do I get involved? 

Each year, different issues (or legislative priorities) arise. Get involved with the many different groups focusing on the same or different issues. 

How do I testify? 

There are many different ways to testify. This can be written through letters, testimonies or emails or it can be spoken at public hearings, legislative forums, candidate forums and more. Legislative groups can assist you in informing you of upcoming opportunities and how best speak to your legislators. 

  • Download our CPN/Hub testimony template here

How can I follow proceedings? 

Basics of Legislation & Advocacy

Last updated: 2/6/23

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