(1) Alcohol is the most frequently used and misused substance in the country. Past-month alcohol use is higher in Southwest CT than the rest of the state, which is already higher than national rates.

(2) Up to 1 in 10 adults in our region feel a need to cut back on their drinking. 

(3) Up to half of high school students in our region drank in the past 30 days. 

(4) Binge drinking* is common among teens and young adults... and very dangerous. *Binge drinking=drinking more than 4 drinks at one time for women, more than 5 at one time for men

(5) Adults can be arrested for underage drinking on their property even if they don't know about it.

Learn more in our 2019 regional profile of alcohol in Southwest CT

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Prevention Resources

Download our 2-page alcohol infographic here 

Awareness videos:

"Drowning Sorrows" - 2016 national award winning short film (5 min.)

"Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol" - Biochemistry of how alcohol works on your brain - 2 min. animation

"Voice of an Addict"- Jordan Meyer official music video (5 min.)

SAMHSA info for schools here

Great resources for parents, teens & educators (including Common Core-aligned curriculum) from Natural High

NIDA's Teen Chat for National Drug & Alcohol Week here


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