Problem Gambling & Gaming

Did You Know?

  • Although problem gambling is under-recognized and gaming addiction is a newly recognized disorder, about 2% of people will have a gambling disorder in their lifetimes.

  • Living within 40-50 miles of a casino increases your chance of developing a gambling problem. 

  • Among different types of addiction, gambling is associated with the highest suicide rate.

Here is a look at problem gambling in our region. 

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Gambling Awareness Team

The Region 1 Gambling Awareness Team consists of community stakeholders working toward raising awareness and developing prevention and treatment capacity in the region. We host gambling awareness trainings and webinars.  The team meets quarterly to review gambling trends, needs, gaps and access to treatment.  


They meet the 2nd Tuesday starting in September from 2:00 - 4:00 PM 


RSVP to for meeting link 




Get Help
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You can also text "CTGAMB" to 53342

Treatment Providers in Our Region

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Support & Quitting Resources