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Reports & Data

Download our reports below and gain access to useful national and state data sources. 

Download our complete Regional Behavioral Health Priorities Report for Southwestern CT.

Published in June 2023, the report contains 10 epidemiological profiles on substance use and mental health topics

and makes recommendations for the region and state.

Scroll through the infographics highlighting the 2023 data. Click the image to view/download the PDFs.

2022 Data

2020 Data

  • Covid-19 Influence on Suicide Deaths for 2020 report.

  • The Connecticut Landscape of Violent Deaths (Includes Suicide) 2015 - 2020 report

2019 Data

  • 2019 Report from CT's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey

  • September 2019 Pew Research report on vaping by age and attitudes and beliefs

  • CT 2019 Epidemiological profile summaries

2018 Data

other data

  • Regional suicide rates by town here

  • Regional opioid deaths by town here

  • Suicide and overdose deaths data from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME)

  • Interactive state and substate data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) here 

  • CT's Prevention Portal

  • CT Data Collaborative

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