(1) About 10% of marijuana users develop an addiction. 

(2) Today's marijuana is 3X more potent than in the 1990s. 

(3) The THC content of marijuana used today in "dabbing" is 40%-80%. THC levels above 10% can cause serious cognitive impairment and psychotic episodes. 

(4) Marijuana is most dangerous to the developing teen brain and is associated with IQ loss. 

(5) Marijuana is allowed in CT for 36 health conditions for adults and 10 health conditions for children. 

Check out our 2019 regional profile on marijuana in Southwest CT.

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Prevention Resources

Download our 2-page marijuana infographic here 

The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Marijuana: 3 min. video from NIDA/NIH

New Canaan Parent Support Group: Presentations by Notable Guest Speaker here

CT's medical marijuana program: Website

Considerations around legalization:

November 2019 study from Lancet Psychiatry: Cannabinoids not Justified as Mental Health Treatment 


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