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March 9 is Fairfield County's Giving Day!

The Southwest Regional Mental Health Board (SWRMHB) is pleased to announce its participation in Fairfield County's Giving Day on March 9, 2017.

Hosted by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Giving Day is a 24-hour online event to “Give Where You Live” in support of our work and the work of all participating local nonprofits. We invite you to be a part of this fun, exiting event. Last year, $1.25 million was raised for 410 local nonprofits!

The Southwest Regional Mental Health Board is funded through state and municipal funding, but both these sources are currently at risk of significant reductions. Please support us through a one-time (or monthly) donation! Every dollar counts.

Not only will your gift help us to continue to provide a voice for the mental health community, it may qualify us to win additional grant prizes. If you're able, please make your donation during the "Morning Momentum Power Hour": 10am – 11am on March 9th. If enough people make their donations during that hour, we may be able to WIN an extra $1,000 to support our goal and to continue to do collaborative work in our community.

Gifts of any size can make a HUGE difference. (The minimum gift allowed is $10.) Set yourself a reminder for Giving Day and remember to "give where you live!"

To donate, follow this link:

Be sure to follow our new, updated Facebook page: to stay in the loop as Giving Day approaches! #FairfieldCountyGives #SWRMHB #HealthyMindsCT


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