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Legislative Update

  • Several items of note:

  • Our bill HB 6483 to create a task force to make recommendations around the shortages in the psychiatric workforce has been voted out of the House and into the Senate! Let your senators know that it's important to support this bill, which would create a multidisciplinary team to look at and negotiate strategies.

  • The Appropriations Committee will be coming out with their budget on Tuesday, 4/25. This will be the new document to watch, but not a final budget.

  • The Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee will be holding a public hearing on 4/25 at 11:30am. One of the bills to be discussed proposes to eliminate the sales tax exemption for non-profit organizations. This could cost non-profits over $200 million, at a time when nonprofit budgets have already been cut to the bone!

  • Keep The Promise (KTP) is holding a silent rally during the Finance Committee's public hearing. If you'd like to join them -- or support the idea via emails or calls to your legislators -- the message is "Taxing my Nonprofit taxes my health!"


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