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Coping with Anxiety: Mental Health Month, week 1 - events & videos

One in ten people deals with an anxiety disorder each year. An anxiety disorder goes beyond regular stress, affecting daily life, performance, sleep and more.

Coping strategies work, and help is available.

In recognition of Mental Health Month, please share these videos and the resources in this email with your friends and neighbors as a way to raise awareness about mental illness. Mental health disorders are common and treatable.

This May, learn more and support the cause at one of the many events available in southwest CT for Mental Health Month 2017:

Download the full calendar to learn more (graphic version, detailed version)! Week 1 includes:

  • Cómo manejar el estrés/How to Manage Stress

  • Our Stories: Share Night (flyer)

  • Screening of the film "No Letting Go" (info)

  • Mental Health Consumer Talent Show (flyer)

  • Mindfulness & Reality Acceptance (link)

  • Cinco de Mayo fundraiser for Keystone House (flyer)

  • Fairfield County Walks for Mental Health - join advocates, legislators, friends & family to raise awareness! (Info)

And sign up soon for Youth Mental Health First Aid on May 11 & 12 (flyer) or Intro to Emotional CPR on May 13 (flyer)!

To take a free online mental health screening, or to find mental health or substance use resources in your area, please visit Or just try a mental wellness app from this list.

Be well!

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