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Hearing Voices: Mental Health Month, week 4 - events & videos

People who hear voices or see visions are usually considered to have schizophrenia. In reality, such unusual sensory perceptions may occur in up to 10% of us; see Oliver Sacks article here.

hearing voices infographic

There are new paradigms for understanding these unique experiences. Below, Eleanor Longden's TED Talk describes an insightful way of understanding and responding to voices, which is the basis for the international Hearing Voices Network (HVN).

To understand better what it is like for someone who is hearing voices, consider attending the experiential training on May 31st at The Kennedy Center in Trumbull. (Email Britt to rsvp.)

  • To find peer support groups for voice hearers, including email & phone support, or to watch more videos, visit the CT Hearing Voices Network.

  • To learn about treatment programs early in psychosis, click here. Programs in CT can be found at Yale and the IOL.

  • For general info about schizophrenia, click here.

Learn more next week as

Mental Health Awareness Month continues!

  • Find out about Latino Behavioral Health Outreach Services (Optimus, Stamford - 5/22 at 2pm)

  • Attend a community presentation on "Hoarding: Mental Health & Spiritual Perspectives" (flyer)

  • Join a community conversation on "Veterans Post 9/11" (flyer)

  • Sign up for "Beating Insomnia: Strategies for a Better Night's Sleep" (click for flyer or to register)

  • Learn to discuss & create an advance directive for your psychiatric and/or physical care (flyer)

  • See the film "The Anonymous People" (flyer)

  • Learn "Ethical Decision Making for Caregivers, Fiduciaries and Families" (flyer)

PLEASE NOTE: Our email has been down since Thursday. To sign up for an event, or with any questions, please call us at 203-840-1187.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, please share these videos and the resources in this email!

Mental health disorders are common and treatable:

Be well!

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