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Final 2017 Legislative Summary

(This post has been updated.)

Since the close of the legislative session, Governor Malloy has been reviewing the bills that were passed by the House and Senate. He signed his final bills on July 12th, making a total of 262 signed and 4 vetoed.

Below are the 2017 Public Acts that are relevant to behavioral health and human services. Our bill to create a task force to negotiate recommendations regarding the psychiatric workforce shortages was signed as a part of PA 17-146! Please be sure to thank your legislators for their hard work.

To read the full text of any law, go to, enter the original HB or SB number in the "Quick Bill Search" box at the bottom of the screen, and scroll down to find the PDF.

Signed July 10:

  • HB 6741 became PA 17-119: An act concerning the right of counsel to access records in certain abuse and neglect proceedings.

  • HB 7091 became PA 17-178: An act concerning DMHAS recommendations regarding revisions to the professional assistance program for regulated professionals.

  • SB 445 became PA 17-241: An act concerning contracts between a pharmacy and a pharmacy benefits manager, the bidirectional exchange of electronic health records and the charging of facility fees by a hospital or health system.

  • HB 790 became PA 17-179: An act concerning DMHAS recommendations regarding transfer of a patient under the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board for treatment or recovery.

  • HB 6999 became PA 17-185: An act concerning the provision of information about the use of therapy dogs to comfort and support testifying witnesses in certain criminal prosecutions.

  • HB7112 became PA 17-190: An act concerning children's advocacy centers.

  • SB1022 became PA 17-205: An act establishing a pilot program to provide enhanced community services to those in the criminal justice system.

  • HB6948 became PA 17-209: An act concerning the advisory council on large entertainment venues, the regulation of sports wagering and the number of offtrack betting branch facilities.

  • HB7262 became PA 17-217: An act concerning the recommendations of the CT Sentencing Commission with respect to victim notification.

  • HB6155 became PA 17-21: An act establishing a working group to review the licensure and certification process for certain nonprofit community providers.

Signed July 7:

  • HB 7312 became PA 17-147: An act concerning state taxation and collection, tax gap compliance, tax preparers and facilitators, changes to the tax and related statutes, a mental health community investment account and municipal bonds.

  • SB 811 became PA 17-14: An act concerning the patient bill of rights for long-term care residents.

  • HB 6219 became PA 17-15: An act concerning community reentry by persons who were incarcerated.

Signed July 6:

  • HB 5077 became PA 17-109: An act concerning the return of prescription drugs to pharmacies.

  • SB 546 became PA 17-154: An act concerning participating provider directories and providers accepting new patients on an outpatient services basis.

  • HB 5140 became PA 17-157: An act concerning reimbursements to health care providers for substance abuse services.

Signed July 5:

  • HB 7032 became PA 17-124: An act regarding the office of the state treasurer's recommended revisions to the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) program.

Signed June 30:

  • SB 126 became PA 17-74: An act concerning Community Health Workers.

  • SB 895 became PA 17-92: An act concerning the Department of Children and Families' standards and reporting requirements.

  • SB 903 became PA 17-94: An act concerning educational and professional standards for professional counselors.

  • HB 7192 became PA 17-96: An act concerning a Protection and Advocacy System for persons with disabilities.

  • HB 7007 became PA 17-122: An act concerning an innovation incentive program for nonprofit providers of human services.

  • HB 7169 became PA 17-128: An act concerning psychology technicians.

  • HB 7052 became PA 17-131: An act preventing prescription opioid diversion and abuse.

Signed June 27:

  • SB 246 became PA 17-61: An act concerning a state-wide waiting list for residential placement for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Signed June 23:

  • HB 7222 became PA 17-146: An act concerning DPH revisions to the public health statutes. This act includes the former HB 6483, which arose from our Catchment Area Councils and will create a task force to study the shortages in the psychiatric workforce.

​Signed June 20:

  • HB 6297 became PA 17-6: An act establishing a task force to study voluntary admissions to the Department of Children and Families.

Signed June 6:

  • SB 804 became PA 17-20: An act concerning a social work in-home support program.

Signed May 31:

  • SB 1032 became PA 17-17: An act implementing the recommendations of the Connecticut sentencing commission concerning a technical reorganization of statutes involving the illegal sale of controlled substances.

Signed May 24:

  • HB 6695 became PA 17-5: An act concerning the protection of youth from conversion therapy. (Signed in its original version on May 10.)

  • SB 976 became PA 17-7: An act concerning conservator accountability.

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