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Use of Ketamine in Mental Health Treatment

Hi all, we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 21st from 3:30-5:30pm in Norwalk. This year's featured topic will be about Ketamine, which has been much in the news lately, from last summer's cover story in Time Magazine to last month's article "Ketamine Stirs Up Hope--and Controversy" in Wired to this past week's story "From Chaos to Calm" on NPR. We are very pleased to be able to hear from two providers who use ketamine, including Dr. Wellisch of Stamford Hospital and Dr. Papolos, author of The Bipolar Child, who uses it to treat a specific "Fear of Harm" syndrome in bipolar, as well as our CAC and Board member, Sue Buchsbaum, RSS, who will share her lived experience being treated with ketamine.

Please RSVP to

Also, please note that Norwalk City Hall has a new parking policy, so we ask that you carpool, use public transportation, or park and walk if possible to preserve the available spaces for those who need to park in the lot.

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