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Public hearings & bills of note

The Legislative Session is in full swing, with several public hearings behind us and more to come. Of note, the DMHAS budget hearing will be this Friday evening and usually has (needs!) a huge public turnout.

Summary of legislation:

  • Click here for a list of mental health-related bills and their status as of 2/25/19.

  • Click here for a list of substance use-related bills and their status as of 2/25/19.

Upcoming public hearings at the Legislative Office Building, Hartford:

  • Public Safety Committee hearing tomorrow, 2/26/19, on various gambling and gaming bills. Click here for the agenda, which contains clickable links to the bills. Submit testimony to

  • Govt Administration & Elections hearing 2/27/19 on HB7211 , to provide access to restricted records (which could include treatment records) in the state archives after 50 years. Submit testimony to

  • Human Services Committee hearing 2/28/19; topics include reducing phone wait times to talk with DSS, and non-emergency medical transportation for Medicaid beneficiaries, and autism. Agenda here. Submit testimony to

  • Appropriations Committee public hearing on the DMHAS, DDS and DPH Budgets this Friday, 3/1/19. Hearing starts at 5:30pm in Room 2C; DMHAS will testify at 2:30 and will be broadcast on CTN. Info about the hearing and how to sign up here. Submit written testimony to

  • Approps hearing on the DCF Budget 3/5/19 starting at 4:30pm in Room 2C. Submit testimony to

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