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Legislative wrap-up

Big wins for behavioral health during the 2019 legislative session include:

  • CT passed the Behavioral Health Parity Act! Thanks to all our advocates and to our many legislators who supported the bill. Particular thanks to Reps Brenda Kupchick and Cristin McCarthy Vahey from Fairfield, for championing this bill since last year, along with leadership from Rep. Sean Scanlon, co-chair of the Insurance Committee and Rep. Jonathan Steinberg of Westport, co-chair of the Public Health Committee.

  • CT passed the Tobacco 21 Act, making the sale and purchase of any nicotine-containing product, including vapes such as JUULs, illegal under age 21. This is a huge health priority especially for teens!

  • Public Act 19-191, An Act Concerning Opioid Use, will implement new policies to curb opioid abuse.

For more on these and a link to the Major Public Acts of the session, visit our Advocacy page.

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