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5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

Many people are shrinking their holiday celebrations this year due to COVID. While it may be disappointing not to spend the holiday with extended family and friends, it does give us the opportunity to focus on those who are closest to us in our homes. Here are five ways to make this year special:

1. Make it what you want it to be.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving on a much smaller scale this year, make it a day you really love! If you don't like turkey, make your family's favorite meal instead. Maybe breakfast is your favorite. Make a Thanksgiving brunch feast! You might end up creating a new family tradition.

2. Go beyond asking your family what they are grateful for.

As you gather around the table for your meal or dessert, try asking some of these festive questions to get the conversation going.

3. Be present.

Limit cell phone and social media use. Have a no phone at the dinner table rule if you don't already and try to limit use during the day. Take this day to be present with the people you are grateful for in your life instead of being distracted by what's in your newsfeed. Watch the parade together. Play games. Go for a walk.

4. Send holiday wishes to others.

Have your kids get their crayons and markers out and make a card for a child in the hospital. Norwalk Historical Society is collecting them until December 1st. Read the guidelines.

5. Host a virtual Thanksgiving.

Take advantage of technology and see your loved ones via Zoom or Skype (Zoom is dropping their 40 minute time limit for Thanksgiving day). Here are some tips for hosting a virtual Thanksgiving event. You can even play a virtual game with your family. Here are some ideas to get you started.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, we wish you a

happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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