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Assessment & Review

We conduct a region-wide biannual needs assessment for the State of CT as well as identifying needs and reviewing issues and services on an ongoing basis, both formally and informally. As the regional liaison to the state, we report findings and issues to the Commissioner of DMHAS and the state behavioral health planning councils on a monthly basis.

Current & Recent Reports

The reports listed below are available for download.

Regional Needs Assessment

  • 2018 Region 1 Community Feedback to DMHAS on Gaps - for Priority Planning Process (document)

  • 2018 Community Feedback to SWCMHS (document)

  • 2017 Update on Region 1 Priorities in Behavioral Health (document)

  • 2016-18 Regional Needs Assessment & Priority Services report (document)

  • 2014-16 Regional Needs Assessment and Priority Services Report  (document)

  • 2013-14 Community Conversations on Mental Health (link to report

Reports & Presentations

  • Presentation on Early Intervention in Psychosis by Vinod Srihari, MD (March 2018)

  • Summary of meeting with legislators around equitable resource allocation to Fairfield County (February 2018)

  • Summary of panel presentation on Peers in the Behavioral Health Workforce (February 2018)

  • Presentation on Behavioral Health Resources You Should Know (January 2018)

  • Presentation on anxiety in teens and young adults (January 2018)

  • Recommendations regarding mobile crisis (November 2017)

  • Integrated Mental Wellness Screening tool (October 2017)

  • Availability & Gaps in the Psychiatric Workforce in Southwestern CT (summary handout or report published 2016)

  • Improving Waits for Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare in Southwestern CT (summary handout or report published 2016)

Issues Briefing Notes

Briefing notes are 2-page documents summarizing key research on topics of interest. Currently available documents include:

Other Resources

  • List of Legislators in Southwest CT (Contact List updated for 2019)

  • List of Apps for Wellness (list updated by SWRMHB 2018)

  • Free/low cost activities to support all 8 dimensions of wellness (Greenwich to Westport list here; Greater Bridgeport list here)

Reports: In the Press
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