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COVID-19 Resources & Information

CT Stronger: COACH is here ...

to connect you with resources to keep your family safe and healthy. Support coaches can put you in touch with services that can help, or listen if you want to talk with someone about how this pandemic is affecting you. 

Self Care
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Create structure in your day.

Being on lockdown is disorienting. To rebalance, plan out a daily schedule with your household members that incorporates work/school time; together time; check-in calls with friends or neighbors; doing something creative; doing something relaxing; and getting exercise. The 8 Dimensions of Wellness model offers a way to stay balanced. And be sure to create distance between work and personal time, even if working at home!

Get outside.

Fresh air, sunlight, and exercise (at a safe distance!) are all good for your mental wellbeing and physical health. A fun inclusive way to exercise is  Oak Hill CT's Adaptive Gym classes on Facebook Live and YouTube, which people of all abilities can do together, or Toivo's daily online wellness activities such as yoga and Qi-Gong.

Practice gratitude.

Be grateful for things little and big. Challenged by distance learning? It's still an opportunity to spend more time with kids. Missing company? What a great time to start Zoom dinners and games with remote friends. Bored out of your mind? See it as an opportunity to get household projects done or learn a new craft. Check out this daily evening inventory from BlessingManifesting. 

Coping with Anxiety