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Brain Hack: Be 10% Happier! (Mental Health Month, week 1- events & videos)

19% of US adults had an anxiety disorder in the past year (NIMH). In 2016, 62% of college students reported overwhelming anxiety--up from 50% just 5 years earlier (NY Times). If you're like most Americans, your life is feeling very stressful.

The good news is there are techniques we can all use--even children--to learn self-regulation. In these very short videos, Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier, explains how meditation hacks your brain and why mindfulness is a superpower.

Welcome to Week 1 of our annual Mental Health Awareness Month email campaign!

Each week during May we will send an email with videos, links to resources, and upcoming events to provide awareness and support. We hope you'll find the info helpful and that you'll pay it forward by sharing the weekly emails with your family, friends and colleagues!

Mental health disorders are common and treatable. This May, learn more by attending a training, film, speaker event, or book club, or enjoy an art, music or support group activity. Click here for the calendar of more than 30 events taking place throughout Southwest CT next month!

Next week's events include The Opioid Crisis in CT, Benefits vs Harm of a Variety of Medications, Grand Rounds on the Brain in Bipolar, a new OCD peer support group, Nature of the Mind art exhibit, Crafternoon, and the 2nd annual Fairfield County Walks for Mental Health! (Click on the links to download event flyers or visit our May page.)

Seeking help for yourself or a loved one?

  • Check in on your mental health: free online screening

  • Find professional and peer support for mental health or substance use challenges: resources

  • Try a mental wellness app from this list

Be well!

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