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8 Dimensions of Wellness

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness model is a useful way of assessing our lives, balancing our priorities, & finding ways to relieve stress. Learn more about the dimensions, find an app for wellness, get tips for stress reduction, and find resources for each of the 8 dimensions near you.


Free/low-cost places to practice the different dimensions in the Greenwich-Westport area and in the Greater Bridgeport area

List of apps for wellness & list of free online stress management trainings 

Handouts on exercise & mental health ... Sleep hygiene ... Stress relievers using the 5 senses... Mood-boosting foods ... Spices to boost brain power 

Handouts on practicing Gratitude ... Mindfulness ... Positive self-talk ... Coping skills ... Better cell phone use

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Time to "Get Your Check-Up from the Neck Up"!

Every October, look for our table at community events near you! We provide wellness activities and tips and offer FREE screenings so you can get your annual "check-up from the neck up"!

We use our integrated behavioral health screening tool that assesses for risk of depression, suicidality, anxiety, trauma, alcohol and other drugs, nicotine, problem gambling, and partner violence. Providers: Get tool here

In 2019, we held 12 events in 10 towns in conjunction with many community partners. We reached 817 individuals with information and screened 224 people. 65% of those screened scored at risk for a mental health or substance use disorder and were provided referral information. 6% scored at risk for problem gambling. Details here.

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